Bunker entrance (fighting off game look)

Okay here are two pictures



These images will be uploading as i go. Anyway… .I am fighting with some issues with the pic. I decided i try to get quite close to “real” feeling to it. Its Blender Internal render without too much fancy lighting stuff. So i am kinda looking any obvious things and tips for the image look itself (eg, Too blue shadows etc). .i wish you dont start talking about too much how to achieve these things you are talking about, i rather find themself to learn it.

Basicly i am havinh huge problem with the image looking way too much like its from some new game (their landscapes are starting to look as real.

So… fireup the flamethrowers… and throw comments…

btw: My first post (i think, well if not first really serious) to focused critique.

I never meant anything bad by the battlefield comment i meant the bunker entrance has a grainy nice look to it all in all i cant very well express what i meant by it but anyway great renders EDIT: Oh didnt read the other thread since my last post well in the words of blender (no installed python found… continuing happily)

Uh. Thanks. But many other have said it looks like its from some modern game.

btw : some image updates

Nice work so far, Eradicor.

I can appreciate that you want to learn for yourself.

In that sense, what I will provide are some generic questions that could be applied to any image wanting to be less game-like and more natural.

Before I say this, I must say your image is very well done so far.

Here are some random considerations:

  • Does the viewer’s perspective of the image resemble that of a FPS?
  • Is the lighting flat?
  • Are there repeated elements throughout the scene that would betray any sense of naturalness?
  • If so, can there be more variety and less of a sense of “preparation” introduced in the scene?
  • Are there any textural issues? (stretching, mapping, noticable repetition)
  • Are there any value issues? (i.e. too light, too dark, too neutral or contrasted – for specific objects and/or the entire scene)
  • Is there a balance of detail throughout the scene, or are some objects more detailed than others?
  • Is there a true sense of cohesion to the scene, as if all elements truly seem to belong to the environment or have been here as part of a story that goes beyond the instant the scene is portraying?
  • Is there a sense of history to the scene? (e.g. are things too new in appearance, and/or is there a sense that this scene has existed for a while - not just in terms of dirt maps, etc., but in all elements – trees, chainlinks, rocks, etc.)
  • If there a sense of physical reality and “liveliness” present? For example, if there are trees, or grass, or water, or objects that could be affected by wind or whatever, is there the subtle sense of motion, or is the scene somewhat dead in that sense?
  • Does the DOF feel natural enough? (i.e. comparable to that which would be typically experienced through human eyes or a camera lens)
  • Do certain (or all) elements give a sense of a “low-poly” look?
  • If this is so and yet object(s)/scene is not necessarily low-poly, could there be some better way to highlight those details? (e.g. through additional/layer-only lamps - positive or negative, or through higher AO/shadow buffer/light samples?)These are the kinds questions I tend to consider when I take a few steps in the “more real than not” direction when rendering, so I hope they can be helpful to you or anyone who comes through here.

Take care, and best of luck with your project!


The one thing that sticks out at me is that the trees, both foreground and background seem almost as if they are 2D sprites and each group of trees seems to blend together in one flat visual plane.

I don’t have a solution, but perhaps you could experiment with lighting types and angles, depth of field and mist or some kind of depth fog. Also maybe some variations in tree type, color and rotation would bring more depth.

Thanks for the reply. There are quite many points in your “check list” that aply to this image. I will go throught this list you gave and i allready see some imrpovements. Its just when one works on some scene for long time he comes to blind for some obvious errors.

Oh and please, if you see Car in the scene… Try to ignore it… i use it as scale.

Well the biggest thing i can say is that all the foliage looks similar, same for the trees.
As for it looking like a game, you’re mostly stuck with that, a bunker in the side of a hill surrounded by pleasant rolling countryside just screams FPS. To combat this i’d suggest a more cinematic camera angle, perhaps colser to the road, perhaps at a slight angle or perhaps with a wider lense.
If you want to out do the image quality of a game (no easy feat thanks to games that look as good as Crysis Warhead) you’re really going to have to work on quality. Real detail geometry foliage, high quality textures and a natural colour scheme, use photographs as refrence to this, two plants raily look the same. I suppose it comes down to the amount of work you want to put into this.

It looks good but I think the main reason it reminds me of an FPS is it seems there’s a lot of HDR going on and the foliage just doesn’t seem quite right. Still better than the stuff I’ve got going on though.

make the shadows darker. The bright sunlight makes the eye or camera reduce exposure and so dark area get very dark.

And I think your foliage isn’t green enough.

I vote for more random distribution of trees/plants. various sizes & groups vs solo. Also, if the trees are birches, they should be thinner. the daylight would make the covered entrance almost black - huge differences in light energy.

I believe when they said it was like a certain fps, I think it’s Crysis. It’s a cool bunker with somewhat dense foliage, but that is a compliment! That game is the most realistic game ever made so far; it can put a strain on NASA’s supercomputer if they tried full quality… Even though your render is definately better than an ingame screenshot of Crysis, it’s just got that CryFeel.

The trees… Hmm. Well i didnt really model them after anything real. Just made “trees”. But yeah i think i’ll start with modifying the cariations for trees, grouping and such. I am just running out of intrest on the scene. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried a different renderer?
I like it though.
I also like the blue shadows, it looks like it’s getting a little indirect lighting.
Have you tried to ‘play’ this to see what framerate you get? :smiley:

There is lots of procedurally genereted stuff on there so i cant really play it.

i think what this really needs is more variation on everything. more different type of trees and plants (looks like you only have one each), color variations on grass and everywhere…
also, you need to give it a mood. lighting is just “everywhere”… and kind of cold.


Nice start. I guess not only object are too similar but my personal opinion refers also to the central composition. It stresses the uniformity of really similar objects. But this is just personal preferences