Bunker Entrance Scene - First try

Hi guys,
I decided to try and create a bunker scene in blender to test my skills and get a better understanding of the process. So far I have modelled most of the scene except for the ‘blast doors’ at the end of the corridor, now messing around with lighting and texturing to get a feel for the scene. Note textures are incomplete and stolen from google images , they are simply blackout for the moment.
(click for higher quality)

The each electrical box is one single object, but all the bits and pieces inside are not connected, is this a problem, is there any rules for when to make things the same object or separate objects, when to connect parts of a mesh and when not to ?


Hi there! Generally I like the scene, but I do have a couple of things that stand out.

  • Quite grainy render. Some people like it, but I think it distorts and hides detail. Try up’ing the samples enough to give you a clear render. I like around 250 or so for previews, and around 500 (or more depending on the materials in the scene) for full renders.
  • The pipe on the bottom right either isn’t set smooth or doesn’t have enough sides to give it a smooth appearance.
  • In most bunker reference images I’ve seen, the tunnels have been cut into the rock, so you wouldn’t have rough stone for walls but rather smooth rock. A lot of times the rock is also covered by corrugated metal.
  • Round supports like the ones you have wouldn’t morph right into the rock, they’d be seated into cut channels. Or, given the uncut nature of the rock, engineers might use column type supports instead
  • The cabinets look nice, but they need a bit more stuff inside them to fill them up more.

To answer your question about joining sub-objects into a main object: There’s nothing wrong with that at all, it just effects how you UV unwrap and texture that object. I do it all the time. As long as you do it in a logical fashion, it very much aids in the organization of complex scenes and objects.

Good luck and keep plugging away at it =)

Thanks, that clears up one or two things, will keep working :slight_smile: