Bunker entrance

Okay here is something little i am working on.



This is from the Choros-Om Studios project which can be found from here http://www.chronosom-studios.de

The project is looking for people to work on it. Please contact dingto (via PM on this forum) if you are intrested. (and please… do get involved, looking for people from various skill levels and various talents)

Thank you eradicor! This new bunker, designed for our Extinct Time OpenMovie project ist really great!

As you said: Everybody is welcome to the project, just write me a PM if you need more information our you want to help us.


Cool The style of lighting and modeling kinda reminds me of Battlefield Bad Company

2nd picture updated. Testing out possible “grass” solutions.

thats awesome! cant help too much…but id have to ask how u did the trees?? please answer…is it a texture opr something…if u can give me a tut i would be really happy :stuck_out_tongue:

nice. the grass looks good.
Your website needs a password to get in??

I’m sorry for the website. We have some problems at the moment, so the website is offline. I hope i can bring it back today. Sorry!

ok ill look forward to it then.

Well the tree mesh was made with some script by another guy. I just took it and reduced its polycount about 70% (scripts tend to create a lot of non needed polygons) then i textured it with… uh… generally procedural texturing. Its really simple really.

Or if you mean the trees in the background, there are 3 layers of them really. Each differend level of detail. First we have the hipoly trees (some thousand polygons per tree) (the closest ones) then we go to medium level (some hundred) and then finaly we have hundreds of trees on few polygons.

Upper picture updated.

Our website is online again, but still some issues.

BTW: The website is in English and German, but we are working on Website 2.0, then just in English.

Visit us and maybe you want to help? http://www.chronosom-studios.de

Your DingTo