Bunny-bot , am i good bad or fine with modelling

am i
in Modelling

i modeled this bunny in less than 1 hour :rolleyes:
and it is WIP
am i
in modelling speed ?


Oh for heaven’s sake, Belias, we don’t grade people. We will rate your work, at least, if you post in finished projects. We’re here to help. The model looks fine. If you’re planning on working on it some more, post it in WIP and people will watch your progress and make suggestions from time to time. If you have any questions about how to model something, or about the modeling tools, ask them here.

We also have contests, both in modeling, speed modeling, animation, general art, and perhaps soon texturing, if you want to see how you compare to our more competitive members.

Welcome to BlenderArtists.

well, if he asked if he is good bad or fine the least you can do is of awnsering him… id say fine in both.

I tend to agree. Unless you’re looking for a job in modelling, it’s a silly question. Art is for art’s sake, not for inflating egos (even if they might be unduly deflated by something else).

Still, I’d say it’s an OK speed, and an OK model… IF that’s exactly what you planned to do. Anyone can make a model that looks interesting given an hour. Whether it’s what you planned to make says a lot more about your control, skill, etc.

Exactly. And there is no way we can know that. How many people post “alien heads” as their first project because they tried for a realistic portrait head and couldn’t do it?

I did answer him. I said the model looks fine. I’m not about to pass judgement on him.

I have seen this model before. Yeah you sound just like Belias on the other forum all right.

I really like it - I wish I was better at modelling but I enjoy doing texturing, lighting, and scene setup more