Bunny costume character "Kralik"

Hey everyone,

I decided to post some things for a personal project of mine. I made a 2D character a while ago and decided to make a more detailed version in 3D just for kicks (and practice of course).

Given the fact that the original character is pretty flat and looks good enough as it is, I gave myself some creative freedom in 3D, so I made a small sized model out of Supersculpey clay for starters.

Then I started modelling the head in Blender and made some quick preview renders to show the progress.

I’ll post more as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

a quick update of the project. Here are some previews of what’s been going on so far :slight_smile:

First test with some quickly modelled teeth and added hair particles.

The final head shape…

And this is what I have so far :slight_smile:

Some late night fiddling with the particle settings :slight_smile:

That’s the scariest bunny I ever saw!

That’s the scariest bunny I ever saw!

Heh, he does look like the type to escape from an asylum :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any suggestions how to make the teeth look good with the proper amount of glossiness? I can’t seem to get it right…