Buon Veto Bali, Indonesia

proposal project for resort in Bali by InspiralArchitect.

render with Cycles at 800 Samples, denoised using filter denoiser in compositor.


Impressive! Really nice work! Always happy to see more large-scale archviz around Blender! :slight_smile:

Two minor suggestion - a bit of atmospheric fade on the top image for creating better depth could be useful and a bit more light inside the hotel rooms in the second image to make the hotel feel more alive.

Seems like your images are mostly all 3d (besides the people in the pool)? Are you wokring with cycles? For the first image, curious how you manage such a large scene. Are you working with linked objest a lot? Is your grass in the upper image in the foreground hair particles? I know if it is then your scene must feel super heavy in the viewport. How long did it take to render the images?


Hi thanks for your appreciation and suggestion.

Yes I’m working with cycles.

as you can see the foreground till the midground of the image all full 3d on the first image.
surprisingly I can move around the viewport lightly without any struggle if you turn off the particle system toggle in viewport. but if you turn it on, don’t hope you can move the viewport, it will become very heavy :joy:.

the tips I can gave to you:

  1. maintain every same object as instances.
  2. collect every hi-res model that have same categories in 1 collection(for this case: ivy, vegetation, roofprops).

I’m using hair particle system with only 2 kind of grass(main grass and 1 bush) in the rice field, and I don’t use any linked object.

It takes about 3 hours for each view with 3000 pixel resolution, 800 samples. Rendered using NVDIA GTX 1060 GPU only( I don’t use hybrid rendering since there’s some issues with the CPU rendering in 2.81).


What a beautiful work! Love it!

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excelent work!
just curious did u model all vegetations?

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Amazing work !

Let me know if you’d like A free copy of Scatter !


Just a little suggestion on the post processing. With such a great image base.

  • Adjusted levels
  • Added a slight blue gradient on the bottom
  • slight yeallow gradient on top
  • a bit of haze to make the hote pop a little more.


So cool, you guys are so generous

For OP, that’s a rarely good one for large scale work. I still struggling with complex scene so I love how you can manage all things. Thanks for sharing!


what is your pc configuration ?

Yes, I think that Dimitar’s “darkroom improvements” are very nice additions – as “darkroom work” very often is – and I’d encourage you to make them official as you proceed with your project. (The world-famous photographer, Ansel Adams, once opined that “the photograph is captured in the camer,a but made in the darkroom.”) So be it … “post-processing” is always fair game.

In any case, you have produced two marvelous perspectives of this hotel which “ought to give you the business.” I’d encourage you to envision still more perspectives – such as, the entrance lobby which will meet the newly-arriving guests, and a broad, oh-so carefully selected angle on the world-class dining room.

An extremely impressive demonstration of “the commercial-grade power” of Blender.

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Awesome. How did you managed all those vegetation? The grass? And the trees? How? how? how??

Nope, I’m using Maxtree collection

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Wow thanks! This image look better ahahha, I found it hard went it comes to color correcting and color grading.

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I’m using Laptop for this works, Asus ROG Strix GL502 VM.

Proccessor: Intel I7 7700 Kabylake
GPU: GTX 1060 3GB
RAM: 24 GB

Just use manage your scene using collection and never duplicate the vegetation with shift+D ahahaha, use alt+D instead. I thinks that’s all. Hope you find it usefull :smiley:


thanks for your encouragement but I found myself lazy when it comes to interior rendering, ahhah. Because I have lack of skill in interior design so It’s pretty hard to maintain all the furniture in good visual composition. But anyway thanks for your suggestion :smiley:

Did you have no slowdown or crash with this big scene ?

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of course there are some drop fps whenever I turn on vegetation in viewport. I always hide all the vegetation in viewport whenever I want to edit my scene, and if I want to edit the vegetation, I solo the vegetation collection. :wink:

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Which kind of light did u use?