I just got inspired to make a model of a buoy. So far I have not put much time in to the water, but I will later.
Edit: I may incorporate this model into the scene I am working on here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=72853
Edit: Eventually I want to make it as photorealistic as possible.

The model is based on this picture…

C&C appreciated…

As a somewhat abstracted version of the object, I’d say that this image is very nice indeed. It would be good if there’s a little more light on the front side of the object: even if you want an outline-effect there should not be complete, featureless black over too much of a picture.

I like the composition of this shot. You’ve put the buoy vertical while the sea-plane is at an angle, and there’s some nice cloud/horizon action above the buoy where ordinarily there might be nothing but empty space. Although the sea’s surface doesn’t look like water, it certainly doesn’t have to. This is an original composition-idea, and certainly very pleasing to my eyes.

So, if you want to move toward “photorealism,” whatever that may mean to you, by all means keep this and work a little while to improve it for what it is. When you’ve fully-developed this version, the changes needed to achieve a strong photographic quality will be small. Well done!

Well, I guess it does make a good image composition-wise… even though I wasn’t really aiming for that!:wink: I was just sort of working on the model, but thanx for the compliments.