Heated my room a bit with this render. :yes:
Rendered in Blender Cycles 2.73
1,500 Samples

full size: https://plus.google.com/103109918657638322478/posts/AsrwU5qUQHu

I like the overall image, if I was being really picky I’d say; the water may need a little more reflectivity, looks kinda like liquid metal. It looks like you used a fairly wide lens for this shot but there is no apparent lens distortion - bend the edges a bit, it may help to sell the image as a bit more realistic. Keep up the good work.

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I think with the water, I agree. Will improve it. Perhaps adding a blue tint to it and make it more reflective. I’m sure the BG black color will still make it darkened. But will improve the reflectiveness.

The camera? Hmmm, I used the default camera settings in Blender. Will play with it to see how it goes. Thanks.

I think that you should remove the dark artifacts on the glass.***My portfolio: http://adamszablewski.cgsociety.org/