Burger and Fries Game Prop

Hi there!

I got inspired by the delicous looking food in Final Fantasy XV.

This is entirley modeled and sculpted in Blender. Texturing and Baking is done in Substance Painter. The logo is made in Photoshop.

Rendered in Blender 2.8’s Eevee Viewport. I really love this one :slight_smile:


nice work !!!

i really like the fries and the meat texture

Thank you :grinning:

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The grill marks wrapping around the edge are a dead giveaway.

Pretty tough to grill up a burger like that.

Good Point but it seems possible. This is one of the references I used. Maybe I change that. Thanks for the critique.

I absolutely love this! The fries look amazing. The sesame seeds look a little like they’ve been pushed into the bun though. Are they part of the bun texture, or did you use a particle system? Still looks good enough to eat!

Thank you!
No the sesame seeds are part of the texture. Since this is a realtime model, having each seed as a own mesh would be a bit too much.
But for the high-res version, I used the hair particles.

Excellent job. I love the wooden tray and the varied textures—that’s tricky to pull off. The red stripe of tomato adds the perfect amount of contrast and balances the whole image. Going forward, maybe add some a few soggy fries? I think they seem to appear a little too perfect. Future patties I would suggest “beefing up” with a little more visual wetness. Gorgeous stuff, keep it up.