Hey there, always wanted to doadvertisements with blender, and here is one that I made recently, a fast food chain Advertisement.
Used Cycles render engine for this.
Hope y’all find it interesting
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There’s something off about the burgers. Everything is too shiny. You need some textures in there to break that up. The meat shouldn’t be glossy at all, except for maybe some juicy bits, but generally rough and non reflective. The cheese also is too shiny, and too opaque. It needs some subsurface scattering. The bread could use some too, and some color variation. Go look at reference photos, or examine your lunch carefully to see what’s missing.

Oh ohhhh. I think that fast food chain will go bankrupt.
The bread looks stale, the patties seem to be plastic and the fries look like little bananas :wink:

It looks pretty cool though but a fast food chain will expect it to look “fresher” :slight_smile: