Burger Time!

Hello there, Here’s my latest personal work :wink:
So the topic I had in mind for this is, more stylized custom shaders for foods and making more solid environment backdrop. also finding the way to optimize rendering time. Lastly playing around with physics for french fries placement in the bucket and bake their position into key-frame

Also here’s some process screenshot

It was all started with one hamburg.

I thrown in my preset linework and favorite orange afternoon light.

Than it’s time for super-sized thing up.

Applying some Anti-Gravity Juice™ and I took some time jotting down ideas over the wip render, this provide a visual to do list for me later very efficiently.

more props populated

Another sketch over for small details.

I changed my mind to have cappuccino instead of black coffee. after some happy accident with foam painting on vertex color.

That’s it, hope you guys enjoy the meal :wink:


Awesome! It’s funny just stacked normally the burger looks pretty much like dull CG, but with the fun arrangement it totally works!

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Thank you! That’s really what I was struggle with in the beginning. Until I decided to go in the chaotic fun direction. Wasn’t hurt to thrown in some noises when the foundation is kind of concreted already.

I featured on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Woww, thank you very much!

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Amazing! Looks so good! Hoping to get this good one day!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Sweet! Thanks so much Bart!

That is pure awesomeness! It’s nice to see how simple it was from the beginning, then transformation and voila! Well done and thanks for sharing.

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Between this piece and your pancakes, I think you’ve probably single-handedly broken lots of people’s diets😂


I love the progress of this, of how you scribble notes over the renders. Definitely a great work practice.

Oh, and I just love it. The octopus picture in the background made me chuckle :smiley:

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Really fun and impressive! What’s the secret to your materials?

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such a fun project, thanks for sharing your progress

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This is beyond AWESOME :slight_smile: Makes you hungry :slight_smile:

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