This is my attempt at creating something realistic and to refine my shader creation skills. I used procedural textures for pretty everything except the tomato slice. Rendered in Cycles at 2000 samples, in full GPU SSS galore.

As always, C&C is welcome.

Updated render:


Old render: Click here.


terrific lighting! something a bit off about the cheese though.

I found everything cool and awesome but the cheese is a little bit off, you could do square shape cheese :wink:

I don’t find the cheese odd, but actually the buns… I haven’t been much to McDonalds, but, I don’t remember the buns having so harsh edges… But otherwise, looks tasty!

Beautiful, but a few things I see off. First, the tomato’s need some help… They’re way too ‘thick’ meaning that tomato’s are usually way more translucent. The “meat” on a tomato has SSS, but the liquid-like part with the seeds is just translucent. The lettuce as well, it’s not an SSS thing, seeing as lettuce doesn’t have SSS in real life… it just needs to let a lot of light through. And the burger looks really good- my favorite part of the image, but for some reason the glossiness on the front isn’t as sharp as the back, making the burger look less realistic. I think the light you have placed up front is too diffused maybe… The bun is nice too, but I think some unevenness would help it some. The cheese probably is as good as it needs to be, it just looks off due to the other parts of the image. Good work overall man! I love it. 5*

Impressive. the cheese can be improved though, and the top bread can be a little bigger.

Really valuable feedback, thank you all. Cheese is supposed to have a ‘starting to melt’ look, so I understand why it might look a bit off. Materials wise, not too sure…bit more SSS perhaps?

I like it overall. The burger itself was the best material, the others still need some work. Great job though!

Updated the render in OP with a modified version. Changes:

  • Properly looking cheese.
  • More translucent tomatoes.
  • Less sharp bun.
  • More samples (4000) and bounces.
  • Some shader changes here and there.

I find it now much better :wink:

I like the new render too! The lettuce looks great, cheese too.

Much improved!

Cool! It makes me get hungry

So that’s how fast food restaurants put up their false advertising :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, very realistic render, good job!

Very nice render. Very realistic. One little thing, maybe its me but the tomatoes slice are a bit too thick, they have like a little rubber feeling. But everything else are awesome. Do you think you could share your lighting setup?

It made me hungry that is a statement.

Very appetizing! The updated render looks much better, but I think that the tomates needs to be a bit more translucent, specially at the edges.

Take a look at this tomato slice:

See how the edges looks more lighter and translucent? If you work on that, I think that I might get some burgers to satisfy my appetite!

meat does’nt look good to me. the reflactions on meat, it’s kind of plastic or something, did u have used specularity map for meat?