Burgers, Fries and a Nice Cold Beer

Created this little scene to practice making props and food. I’m going to check out some lighting tutorials to practice some different lightning techniques. Thoughts?


Lighting food is an entire industry, I understand. Modelling looks OK, though maybe the napkin and the lettuce are a bit thick.
Normal map on the back wall is inverted, I think.
Chips need a bit more warmth. They look like they are a week old.
Composition makes me want to see whats off the left of the picture, maybe swap the food and the drink positions.
The bun and the burger have pretty much nailed it.


It looks good, just needs a bit more work. More light most defenitely, and possibly some selective focus.

I did a similar scene a couple of months ago here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/68Lvkn

Creating food is a lot more difficult then it looks, only people who have tried it know the pains. I would suggest to look at references for textures and lighting, and try to replicate what you see.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll take a look at your suggestions and yeah the fries look old cause I just created a texture from a photo of fries I cooked up and I can’t cook :laughing:

@arch111 Thanks for the feedback, maybe I can add some camera depth of focus? I’ll play around with it.

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@Skovran wow that looks really nice. I’ll work on my texture and lighting. Thank you for the feedback.

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