Burl wood material

Hey guys is there anyway to create wood like this in blender? If so can anyone maybe help, it would be much appreciated!!

you could use a procedural texture but more difficult to get an exact model

or use a texture image

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Hi Xitou,

As Ricky mentions a texture image would be easier. You may find something on one of these sites:

You could also do a search Google (images) for “seamless burl wood texture” which returns a lot of options. You’ll need to check usage and license terms though before you use these textures.

If procedural is the way you want to go the, the Blender paid addon Curvature for procedural wood might be a good start (doesn’t seem to have your walnut burl type though). [$] https://blendermarket.com/products/carvature

Other tutorials for procedural wood

I believe VMATS has something close but it’s on the more expensive side. See [$$]:

Here’s a quick render I did with it. It goes on sale every once in a while though which is why I got it…


Cheers and stay safe!

First off thank you very much for your reactions and yes I kinda was messing around with procedural materials and got this out of it. I baked this material but it still seems a bit off the real thing and since im still a beginner im not that good with nodes yet. This is how it looks like in blender. Maybe someone can tell me what i’m missing to make it look more like the real thing?


Hi, I am glad to see that you have decided to give it a try, as using nodes can be fun. Procedural textures do have a place in my opinion and although using a photo is easier, well it is not procedural!

I think the main thing missing in your texture is the dark knots. Looking at the images you linked the knots play an important part in the texture, in some of the images they are more dominant than the wavy pattern. I also think you should not go over the top with the bump as normally this wood will be highly sanded and polished.

I can never resist making a wood texture so I have made a try today, here is what I came up with.

It took me a while to get the knots going too. Here is the file so you can take a look at the messy nodes!
Burl2.blend (908.5 KB)


It might be helpful if you told us more about how you intend to use this material? On a floor? On a tree? On a piece of furniture?

Oh wow that looks alot better than mine lol, thank you very much I’ve got a lot to learn! Wood is just awesome man and I intend to use this for car dashboards, to give it like a classy but royal look. I just think it looks alot better than normal wood, and it’s a shame it isn’t being made more in tutorials and such. I will try your method and just play around with the nodes, do you maybe have any good courses to recommend for learning these nodes?

I will mainly use it for car interiors, on steering wheels or dashboards as pictured above!

Hey !

I think you can manage something that would work from distance, for close-up the texture look quite challenging to make using procedural .

If you want to learn more procedural textures I can recommend that link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAUmLcXhUj0

And also this channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/Erindale/videos

Not every pattern are equal, some stuff a really easy to do using procedural (eg concrete), some other are hard to get right . If you need a close-up, finding a good image ( high definition) with a clearcoat effect on top of it, would be IMO quite easier and more convincing…

But, anyway by looking at the links and learn a bit more you can probably come to a good approximation.

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You are welcome to just play around with the nodes.
I am very fond the “master” lesson by Bartek Skorupa. It is the first one sozap recommends.
It is more than a wood texture tutorial as he explains a lot of things that you will find interesting for many textures, well worth watching.

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Thanks once again you guys are very helpful, I will check out the videos you guys posted!