Played around with some glass material settings I got some days ago from friedbrain and the result looked IMHO kind of cool. So I decided to make a nice colorful burl of glass. :smiley:

Material settings are:
Raytransp: ON
Filter: 0.144
Raydepth: 4
IOR: 1.66
Falloff: 0.1
Fresnel: 2.0
Fac: 2.2
I also changed the specular color to something similar to the diffuse color and did some brightnes and contrast post processing with the GIMP.

Thx for viewing!


That looks really nice! It could even look cool if you made it into a kind of falling liquids display.

How did you set up your lighting? I did all those options on my logo, and they still look as transparent as my hand.

I only used a Lamp at the position of the camera and a sunlight shining from above. Energy for both is 1.0, light color is white.

If you have big planar areas in your logo, than its possible that there are not many reflections because of the geometry of the objects itself. Maybe add a nor or disp texture.

Hope I could help.