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feedback needed

End you work right there. That was amazing. :slight_smile:

Very nice. Honestly, I would like to know how you did this.

In my opinion:
The text seems dull and unappealing.
The ash seems odd when it’s not resting on anything.

I think typically ash is done more stylized then realistic. Since flames and air currents are more concentrated in the center of the object, ash piles are commonly portrayed as cone shaped. Consider making the ash into cone shapes at the center base of each letter. (if it’s possible)

Ok so first of all this is how it works:
-the text has a particle system and an explode modifier
-the particle emission is controlled by two textures 1 blend enabling the burning process start from top to bottom and then a cloud texture to randomize it a little bit
-the explosion is influenced only by gravity hence the particles fall down to the invisible ground plane creating the ash (since the letters of the text are hollow the ash doesnt’ form any nice piles you might expect)

The ground is invisible (maybe only for now) because then I’d have to add some lights to fake the fire illuminating it ( I don’t think indirect lighting works here, correct me if I’m wrong)

Currently the main problem I would like to solve is the fact that the particles have to live for a few frames(10 frames atm) in order for them to fall to the ground surface during which time they continually emit smoke making the smoke too dense around the letters for my taste. What I would like to do is be able to somehow limit the smoke emission to lets say half the life span of the particles. I dunno if there is an option for that and I dont think child particles can be used for smoke generation. If anyone knows how to accomplish that please tell me.

Okay, i’m really tired so this might not be coherent.

If the particles have an emission then indirect lighting should work.
you can use the solidifier modifier to give the ash more or less volume.
Particles can be affected be affected by a lattice modifier. So you can control how they fall and what shapes they make.


You might be able to use the fracture tool instead of the explosion modifier (depending on what version of blender it is available for)

indirect lighting doesn’t work with smoke unfortunatelly

love the effect … dude

personally i would make the ash stay until end of animation…