burning mesh to dust using particles

Hi everyone,
on blender 2.40 release note is described how to burn a plane to dust using particle with texture controlled emission. The explanation is not clear though, and i am having trouble to figure it out.
Can anyone please explain to me in detail how this can be done?
thank you so much

hmmm looked at the release notes didn’t see it. You might be talking about Jahka’s particles found at graphicall.org. Particles used with the explode modifer would get you that effect

First create a plane and add a texture to it, say, a blend texture. My understanding is that the lighter parts of the texture emit particles first which moves on to the dark parts over the lifetime of the emitter.

Add a particle emitter to the plane. Turn on ¨RAND¨ and “EVEN” and set the number of particles to 5000 so you will clearly see the effect.

Now, the key is to turn on the “TEX” button in the “Particle Motion” tab and make sure that the number next to it is set to the same number as the layer that you want to emit the particles from. Usually this will be the default, layer 1. Also, give the particles some motion by setting NORMAL to 0.500.

Press ALT+A to check that everything is working okay.

I think that should get you started.