Burrowing Owl

Modelling done with Meta-Balls.

Source picture:

Looks great! Are the owls modeled or just a picture on a plane? Also the last owl is very blurred even though it’s not as far from the one infront of it. Still very good

Thanks retro world. They are modeled with metaballs, so simple like a snow man. Modeled once and copy paste to the various positions, then with lattice modifier adjusted to the various poses.

The last owl was already blurry in the original picture. But maybe next time I should have just copied a more sharper texture on it and let the composite do the blurry in order to have more control over it.

Sweet, I’ve done similar thing with pictures in AE.
I agree - I’d make that owl on the right either more sharp or move it farther away

Yes AE is the best choice for doing very fast multi layered animations. In fact I plan to use it in combination with Blender for some future projects.

Very cool! Looks like paralax technique.