Burster help

I installed Burster to play blender games in my firefox browser, but how do you compile it into a web game? how do you use Burster? the website shows nothing…

You don’t need to compile the blendfile. You need a HTML script.

Here is one to start the game from the local drive.
You must change the path to your game.

<OBJECT classid="CLSID:8318DE8B-B213-426b-B1B6-0A2589859898" 
        <PARAM name="type" value="application/x-burster"/>  
        <PARAM name="src" value="C:\WSAG\WSAG-SOL-V1.0.blend" />  
        <embed type="application/x-burster" 

If you want to play it from every where. You need a webpage and must upload your blendfile and the HTML sript to your web hoster. Then you must change the path for your game to the webhoster path.


Neat, thanks I will try it

Blah it doesn’t work, always a blank gray screen.


There’s a ‘Settings’ button - I think there’s also supposed to be a ‘Run Game’ button, but I can’t quite recall. Maybe you should contact the Burster team to see.

There are some guides here:

Ah I forgot to set the second SRC, got it