Bus Rider

I’m making a scene with a bus rider, so here is what he looks like so far

Are you modeling it from scratch? Using a source photo? Do you do much sculpting?

I’ll admit it…sculpting is not my area of expertise. Actually, I’m not even certain I have an area of “expertise,” but I definitely know that when it comes to the idea of sculpting rather than drawing the human form…I get really nervous and have yet to attempt it.

Just out of curiosity…is there something ‘bus rider’-like that I should be picking up on? How do you plan on coloring, texturing him?

I do have a reference photo, but can’t say that I’m following to the point you really see the resemblance. The isn’t going to be anything that really says he’s a bus rider. I just plan on putting him on a bus. I started another thread called “Bus Interior” or something to that effect (Sad, I can’t remember what I named it.) I wanted to create a new thread for him so I could focus on him without the distractions of the bus for now.
As for how I am creating this, I’m not really using the sculpt tools. It’s mostly extruding and tweaking a vertex here and anther there. I do find the smooth brush handy, on occasion.