Bus Stop (architectural visualisation practice)

I love first-time challenges, and this time I’ve tried my skills in architectural visualization. I must admit I had a lot of trouble keeping everything exact, as I was used to modeling freestyle up to this project. The actual design is mine, though. The project was born as I was sitting at one of the current bus stops in Belgrade, wondering what could be done to improve its utility and design.





and this time I’ve tried my skills in architectural visualization. I must admit I had a lot of trouble keeping everything exact

Nice bus stop! Well done, as always.
You had a lot of trouble because our baby here hasn’t the utilities or tools it should have. To work for archi presentations in blender is almost a nightmare. You need of course another render engine for this kind of job. Blender Internal is one one of the worst for this. There are a lot of tricks of course but still remains the worst.

I agree with michalis. Try with yafaray. Pathtrace with ~60 samples and sunsky world with (or without) one sun light.

try lux render.
ps: work a bit on the proportions, like the green bin it is a little bit big.

Wow, looks nice.
One thing though. Imo the seats are to small, or that buss stop is HUGE. But if you compare them with the recycle bin, the are pretty tiny.

Besides that, looks awesome!

The stop is big. It’s modeled according to be comparable in size to some of the largest stops we have here. The seats are .50x.50 meters at .45 meter height, so I think they aren’t too big. The recycle bin is deliberately larger, because I’ve seen them fill up quite often at their current size, and also tall bins are harder for kids to reach. Result, though, is that they do look oversized. :slight_smile: (Oh, and the last shot has a lot of distortion in proportions because it’s a super-wide-angle camera.)


Thanks for the tips. I am familiar with Lux render as an alternative to the internal renderer, and I’m 100% sure it would have made the scene look MUCH better. Yafaray would have probably made the render quicker (internal took around 1 hour for each of these). Sadly, I couldn’t get either working. I’m sure looking forward to a working release of LuxBlend. (If I’m missing something here, please direct me to the working release.)

EDIT: Should probably mention I’m using Blender 2.53.


I’ve found the photo of one of the normal-sized stops that are common right now. The metal sheltering in the middle is just one part of the actual stop that spans from the tall thing in front (we call it ‘totem’) all the way towards the street light. This space could probably more than accommodate my design, so the ‘huge’ stop is probably not so huge in most cases. I can think of a few places it actually wouldn’t fit, though.

the pillars are a bit large, otherwise looking good. compositing it over a photograph might make it even better

Yeah, I am aware of the pillar problem. Made them .25 meters, while in reality they should have been something like .15 meters.

Luxblend for 2.5/2.6 is still in beta, but this might help http://vimeo.com/14430889

Here’s what they say over at luxrender forums:

That’s a long time ago :slight_smile: things have progressed a lot since then - the video I posted a link to was made by Doug in fact

I dunno. I’m having issues with installing luxblend25. I simply refuses to show up among extensions. I’ve started Blender from console and it spits out a bunch of error messages about any of the external engines not being a subclass of something… I could probably go in and find out more, but I didn’t fee like it, so I installed Blender 2.49 and I could get most of my work into it. I’ve also had trouble with luxrender .7, so I reverted to .61, and it works like I remember it: awesome. :slight_smile: Stand by for new renders (with column radius and dust bin size fixed). :slight_smile: