Bus Stop scene/ Street view First ever finished project!

this is my first ever finished project, im mostly a beginner as i havent mastered some pieces of blender like texturing for example. but this is my first model that i have not got bored half way through, any crits on how to make it better would help me a lot, thank you Pmca_905 :smiley:


some textures look a bit streched, and you should bevel the window sill.

other than that, maybe turn on Ambient occlusion?

it’s much better than many people’s 100th scene

keep it up!

you are a little harsh on yourself, it’ s decent! I would propose a few alterations.

love the lighting, cartoony - but plausible, low sun position.

Looks not bad, but the textures are not very high res and the wall with the graffity on the left is confusing.

thanks for the comments, if i have time i’ll go back and look at things. its the only scene that i had the courage to at least try and texture.