Bus Stop scene/ Street view

Hello just my latest WIP. See anything you can critique say it and i’ll try and improve.


like it very much, but the road part and the background buildings seems very unfinished.

Good luck further though.


yes that is why it is in the work in progress section :L

If I may offer a few words. It’s always a good idea to seek out reference pics of your subject. I know you’re probably thinking who takes pictures of a bus stop? Well - you could for one. But there are many if you take a look at Google Images. That’s not to say yours has to be the same as you see in a picture but with the reference shots you will see things you will need to do in yours.


The scene looks really pretty good. You will note in the reference images though that the bench is a distance from the roadway (safety). If the a bench can’t be placed back from the road without interfering with pedestrian traffic then they usually don’t put one there.

So you would need to have a space in front of the bench (at least the same width as the bench itself) so that people can board and exit the bus without blocking or being injured by the bus/traffic. So in your render/model you could add more sidewalk to make up for that so the bench could go back a bit from the roadway. Your bench is quite good. Some good textures and some weathering and you’ll have a really good scene.


Well i have finished it anyway :L well here it is


This is pretty cool! I like the Graffiti and cracks running through the pavement.
The sign seem curiously small, but depending on where you live, that may well be the size they come in.

Marco :slight_smile:

Thank you, i really like aswell. its my first finished project, i only recently started and other things i started got reall boring but this didnt.