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Let’s say I have an idea for a website, what do I have to do to get started? I don’t have money, and don’t have much programming knowledge. Do I find investors? Use kickstarter? Hire a freelancer? How can I protect my idea?

It really depends on what kind of website you need and what exactly you are looking to do with it. If it is a content-based website (where you would post articles, news, advice, images, etc), you could simply buy the domain name and use a platform such as Wordpress or Joomla to create the website yourself (there are millions of Wordpress themes you can buy for $20-$50 that will make your site look awesome with very little work, and Wordpress itself has plenty of plugins and features to give you lots of flexibility).

Protecting the idea will be difficult, unless it’s something you can patent or trademark. Best thing to do if you have a particular name in mind for your project would be to buy the domain name now and register social media accounts under it too so that you have clear ownership over the name should you need to demonstrate it at a later date.

It’s hard to be very specific with help without knowing more about the project. Can you give a vague idea of what it is you want to do?

Haha nope I don’t want the website to be template based. This is gonna be a whole new social networking type website, I think the only way to gain full functionality for the website it to be made from scratch.

Learn to program it yourself, when you have a prototype, then you can
a) ask people if they think it is a good idea
b) do a kickstarter
c) see if other companies are interested.

Lol it’s gonna take years of learning for me to be able to create that site, and by the time I’m capable of making it, the idea would’ve been taken already… So to me time is a very important factor. And as for kickstarter, what if someone steals my idea from there?

Not having proof of concept is a huge problem. Even if it’s a great idea you’re likely to loose control because of the capital that would be required to produce it. You could use croudfunding but you would still have to convince the public that you can deliver.

I would suggest roughing a model, getting legal rights and then working your butt off on it.

Yes haha definitely, I can create visualizations and stuff. What you mean by legal rights is patenting the idea and all right?

Yes. What ever form is appropriate to your idea.

It is unlikely someone will ‘steal your idea’ for the reason you state as to why you can’t make it: it’s a heck of a lot of work.

Web developlent is not that hard really, if you have a background in any form of programming. I went and taught myself php and sql over the course of a month or so, and while I’m nowhere near able to develop something like facebook, It’s perfectly adequate for simple websites and demos.

Look carefully at sites like, which can create a “damm good website” for nothing, and no I’m not talking about some cheesy CMS-template.

Writing from scratch is usually not the best way. As a minimum, you’ll want to use a framework, but something like Wordpress or Drupal will get you started. I did a lot of work in Drupal a few years ago… Drupal is big and complicated - and hence a bit slow and memory hungry. But there are thousands of modules available for Drupal and Thousands of templates - you can treat it like a framework and build basically anything with it.

Alternatively, if you have been learning python for Blender programming, you could go for Django - it seems popular?

Yes good websites but those websites won’t give full functionality to my website e.g. chat, because everything will be very custom. I guess I could start a kickstarter project and hire a freelancer.