Business office

Hi there! Recently I’ve been working on this scene:

I need some advice to make it look more realistic. The lighting is a city hdr with 3.0 lighting and a sun lamp at 40 power, and under color management I’m using filmic instead of default. Any suggestions/critiques are much appreciated, as I’m pretty bad at interior renders.

Looking pretty good so far, pretty photo realistic. The things that stand out to me are the monitor needs some details i.e. logo, cable ports. Also the scene looks a little empty, maybe add some more assets or fill the scene more for what you have, and the window frames probably shouldn’t be marble I’ve never seen that before :smile:

Sorry I’m so late replying, but thank you for your encouraging input. I’ll definitely work on the things you mentioned! :smiley:

Here’s some improvements, any more suggestions?

You probably noticed i also changed the back wall to wood from marble, do you think that looks better or worse?

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Just stumbled across your image. I like the idea of that hovering table :slight_smile:. The dark window framing is cool. The floor tiling is now too large and I have not seen such a wooden wall before. But what comes to my mind is taking the idea of a dark colored wall and using a kind of retro wallpaper. That makes the table stand out.
Try to switch the table support to the left. The triangular wallboard? - strange to me. Add some more books and stuff onto the boards. The table lamp is quite massive to me. And what about a big green plant that at least reaches into view. Your scene gets rich by organic shapes kind (the one in the corner looks :wink:
Keep it up :+1:

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Thank you for your input, I’ll definitely implement those in my scene! :smiley:

EDIT: it’s actually not floating, the desk bends in an L shape and connects to the wall, but thanks for the idea, I might change it to that!