Business opportunity? Add-on to create custom buttons & attaching macro or script to it?


the one thing which bugs me ever and ever again when using Blender is a simple to use add-on which can create a little toolbar with custom buttons on it which can then be linked to any python script or action in Blender.

I have learned to love Blender, but the lack of having a very simple interface to create a custom button and being able to associate scripts to it is something I, and surely many others miss.

In Rhino it takes about 20seconds to do this.
We are in 2020 and the Blender developers still don’t like buttons and prefer endless keyboard shortcuts…

I am aware of the pie menues, but they are not what I would like to have.
All I want is a shelf for say 5-10 custom buttons which I simply need to click for them to carry out their associated scripts or macros.

Unfortunately I am not a programmer at all, but I am sure the first person writing such an add-on will be able to make a lot of money from it. There are tons of people out there who would like to have this.

Maybe there is a developer out there who would want to create this? That would be fabulous.