business phone

Just kind of messing around and playing mostly with materials. Modelling is not a big deal on this, just mainly the pain of making those seams and what not.

I still need to work on:

1.) Phone cord…
2.) Fixing text on buttons on left
3.) Buttons are too bright… they look more beige in real-world reference
4.) LCD is a little to bright and not quite right
5.) Adding some buttons under LCD
6.) Lights… ahhh!!.. There are some 56 LED lights that may be added

C&C… like it… don’t like it… :slight_smile:

I like the table material. Though the phone needs some work, the texturing I mean. And don’t make it so dark, it’s hard to see anything.

Well, good job so far, keep us posted!


I agree with Antiggo on what goes on the telephone texturing. Excellent modelling on it, tough! :slight_smile: Just a sugerence: make a little bevel on the phone buttons instead of leaving them as cubes, could look a bit better.

erm u might not have noticed but someone cut the phone line on the textures a bit like they said.