Bust of queen Nefretiti (some new pics+anims)

Couple weeks ago I was flippping thru tv channels and happened to spot this documentary about Nefretiti from Discovery Channel.

I tought it would be nice effort to try to model it, so here we are. My take on Nefretiti.

Here’s some additional shots + lousy HDRI (last image of set below) test in Yafray.

So commenst and stuff would be appriciated.
And further more, she should have a necklace, but I got lazy.

Excellent modelling work Hippie.

The materials could use some work IMO though. They are too shiny and new looking. You should dirty them up and show the age that the actual bust has. Unless you wanted to go for new looking, then just ignore me. But they are still too shiny.

Also, in the front on render, her right eye, (left one in the image), has a very wicked highlight on it from the lighting. Makes her look like she doesn’t even have an eye there.


Thanks BgDM.

Well, as textures go I wanted to make bust look new. the actual Nefretiti bust is missing parts of her both ears and her left eye is completely cratched off. I must confess I did this fastests way, thus I did not make those flwas her bust really has. but Maybe I’ll get on to it and model her like she is today.

AS for lights go, well I’m not very good with those, but practice practice practice… :smiley:

Alltough this topic hasn’t aroused much interest, here’s some new shots of Nefretiti. Other angles and with RVK’s. I’ll post some test anims later.

Last pic of the set is made with BgDM’s skin shader.

I love those last set of pics. Her looking eyes looking around, her look different. Very very cool!

Nice work!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bust with eyelashes :wink:

here are two little test videos I made with RVK’s. First one has only Nefretiti, without her hat and background, just to show the RVK’s I did on her.

Divx, 67 k’s
Test 1

And second one has some bone animation too and that background form still pics.
Divx, 166 k’s
Test 2

and before I forget:

Wriker: thanks.

Macouno: well, it’s first time for everythng I guess :wink:

Nice and smooth, maybe add a little dust to the hyroglythics and the skin shader kind-of destroys the bust look.