Hi guys

More bust. More test. Cycles+Internal. Here i have problem whit antialiasing (bug Cycles).


She looks simply gorgeous! I love the texture of the skin, it’s so delicate and lifelike!

wow, well done !

Nice, I just think you overdid it with the “imperfection” of her haircut.
Her forehead hairline looks like mice were chewing at the hair in her sleep. If any women came back from a hairdresser like this her rage would reach critical mass soon and form a black hole… no shelter could help you there.

Oh and to me she looks spooky and I found out why… she missing eyelashes.

I think she looks great Dimetri. +1 for eyelashes. I like her necklace.

wow, looks great!
Apart from the hair cut, i found the hair very realistic. The skin is great too (SSS cycles ?).

amazing, looks awesome.

Wow! Those textures and materials look amazing. The modeling is also very nice. I agree with what has been already said about the hair and eyelashes. But overall, that is one stunning piece, great work!

Hey. Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:

She has eyelashes, they just dont stand out too much. we don’t need to see every eyeleash.

spailler: SSS from Internal, the effect is weak. Full effect SSS here

WOW, awesome piece of artwork. Well done :wink:

Dimetrii you rock man!

Hey, hey Jarrhed!!! Thank you ! :slight_smile:

You rock man!

How did you render hair? Is is out of cycles or BI and the composited on top?

Dimetril, I like it.

And women that don’t go all freaky over a crooked haircut are more attractive anyway. :smiley:

gianmichele: For hair rendering i used BI. Got a diffuse, alpha and shadow passes and combined them together at compose. Also color corrected. I thought of making hair geometry with alpha textures in Cycles. But in this case Diffuse Direct and Diffuse Indirect get bugged (some strange spots) when trying to compose them.

BentFX: :slight_smile: she is lady gaga

Hi Dimetrii, great work us usual BUT I must point out issues about the smiling: the lips in relaxed expression look rounder and bigger of her lips stretched in the smiling; that is, they look as two different kind of lips. :slight_smile:
IMO, of course.


reminds me of Emily Browning (I saw her lot of times on ‘sucker punch’ thinking about modeling her).

Indeed, this is beautiful. I’m surprised at the clarity and color in her face. Very, very nice.

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Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol !

She is really great :slight_smile:

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