Buster Dyntopo

This is my mascot Buster. I finally decided he needed a 3 dimensional presence and with the help of the dyntopo beta and inspiration from Kent and Jonathan, here we are. Still struggling with the workflow but I love the fact I can always “scrape it back” to a base and start again.

I’m not so much trying to duplicate the little sketch as to keep the essence of the character. Buster has changed over the years and I’m allowing this sculpt to represent another step in that evolution. Still, it has to “feel” like the character and I’m always open to crits, opinions and suggestions.

This is fun :smiley:

The floating eyebrows might be nice to add so you can give him some expressions. Graphic type designs are pretty tough to translate to 3D, but I think you’ve succeeded here. Looks really good so far.