Buster Sword

Hey all

Having an attempt at a Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII. Pretty simple project except I am just having two problems.

  1. The first problem is I am trying to get two holes through in the blade near the bottom, but I am not sure how to do it and I am not sure of what the process is call to look it up.

  2. How come when I try to do Materials, when I set one material the whole project changes colour?

Any help and Comments would be greatly appreciated.


oh damn, sorry I put this in the wrong thread/room.

Id say that even though this is the wrong area, that isnt it a bit longer, it just looks out of proportion with a tiny handle, There should be blue prints from advent children.

ok im not sure if anyone is reading this because it was poasted such a long time ago i only hope that it is recieved and is useful

firstly boolean is the operation you will have to use to create the holes in the mesh (there are other ways but they are probably more complicated depending on how much you loathe boolean)

here is one i have done quickly


a better way is to make two loopcuts, horizontally and vertically around where you want the holes. Delete the face where the hole will be. select the surrounding vertices.
press cursor to selection
add a circle
fill in the gaps.
this way is much better as boolean makes for a funny mesh.