buster sword

sorry for the blatant fanart lol
fancied a break from joan of arc lol so i thought i would quickly model the buster sword lol :stuck_out_tongue:
have a couple other bits to go with the sword in the pipes but its still a wip atm :slight_smile:

again sorry for the large images :slight_smile:

The handle seems really really small…

I still love FF7, the handle is not small, the sword is just big! Love it.

Oh wow my bad I just googled it. Good work!

haha thanks lol sorry for the late reply guys, the site been down and i havent had chance to check back. i extended the handle based on the first comment so will have to let me know if its in better proportions now :slight_smile:

Ah yes I think that looks much better :slight_smile:
It’s lookin really cool!

thanks :slight_smile: gotta work on some textures for it now. all looks a little dull at the moment lol