Butch The Bear-Short Open Movie


Hi. I’m Treehouse and I’ve used and seen Blender in motion for atleast two years. Though I rarely know how to do much other than putting a box in the center of my screen, I can definently learn more. But, enough about me, I wish to help the Blender Communitty by giving them a short open movie.

This short film will be about a bear named Butch who lives in Acadia National Park. One day, the park ranger leaves the gate door open. Butch squizzes out of the gate and treks off to Bar Harbor, the town near the bar for a little adventure of his own. With him breaking free, the squires and chipmunks in the park are also free who try to annoy him on his journy to Bar Harbor. (The characters and most of plot are subject to change due to intense modeling, animation, etc. errors or problems that may occur.)
The ending and middle of the story is still being planned out and so is the setting in Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, Maine.

Now, with this, I need help. Despritly. I cannot complete this on my own. Neither could Blender and their movies… So, I need some help.

Project Manager: Treehouse
Lead Animator:
Storyboard Artist: Treehouse
Story: Treehouse
Sound Effects:
Organizational Team Leader:
(More jobs may be needed when the time permits)

Now, if we all want to work on this project together, we need a way of seeing eachother’s screens of Blender and have only one project going on, not ten different ones… So, if you know how to get us all one Blender account that we all can work on together, or have a software that is similar, please tell me!

You may sign up for jobs and please, no being critical. This isn’t just a dream for me, it will soon become reality.
MOVIE DATE OF RELEASE: June, 2009. (I hope)

Thank you,
Treehouse-Project Manager of BTB