bute road appartments renovation - blender/indigo

My latest architectural project,
modelled in blender 2.42
and rendered with Indigo 0.6test1

Everything from and including the first floor up is a render (including the physical sky…



Really nice work and render is too good. The sunlight is too realistic but the round shape of the building showing the face of the mesh i thing ( may b i’m wrong ) u must consider to solve it… Good i rare saw…


Wow, this is one realistic image. The only crit I can offer would be the same as marlopax’s. Were you planning to have those flat parts, or is this a mistake?

Impressively well done!
How did you get to align the photograph’s point of view and the blender camera?

those flat parts were drawn in the building plans,
so i had to model them that way…

reywillow -> just manually, set the photo as a background image in the camera view, match the blender lens and position the camera ‘more or less’ correct with the eye… (helps if you view in wireframe)


I see, then it’S perfect. 5 Stars. :slight_smile:

yeah, really a cool rendering. is it difficult to use indigo? comparing to yafray for example? ist slow or fast? (10 or 20 houres :)?)

xilemina -> read my post here on starting with indigo:



Well done. This is a pretty darn good rendering. The building fits perfectly into the surroundings. :slight_smile:

It was only on my second look just now, that I noticed that on the round part, there were some polygonal artifacts - not smooth surface.


Nice, just love it! 5*, rock on!

Wonderful image!
A perfect use of global illumination available in Indigo. Also the matching between photograph and rendered part is perfect.

Five stars, no doubt!

There is a pole/post infront pof the car in the foreground that looks like it got cut off when you added the rendered image into the picture that really looks out of place and obviously cut off. Should try and fix that some.

Other than that, beautifully rendered image. Great job.


some trees as-well

The edges of the trees look badly cut.

Other than that - great!

great work rendering here
my crits have peen pointed out by marlopax’s and blenderist already

would u mind showing a wire

the head gardener of those trees has to be shot :slight_smile:


Hey Radiance, anothere great one. Have some work on the top of trees to get it perfect.

There are some minor mistakes in it, but it’s looking really good. 4 stars from me.
Points that show it’s cg composited on a real picture with the most obvious first:

  • The pole mentioned by BgDM
  • The trees, especially the one on the right
  • The vertical edge just above and to the left of the sign saying “BACCH.S” (just to the left of the parking sign)
  • The vertical line of dirt above the gate on the right isn’t continued upward

But this is a render you can be very proud of.

Beautifully composited.

I love critiquing things I could never come close to achieving. with that out of the way, some gentle, feather-masked gaussian blur in the window spaces would help the noise a LOT. you could even try the noise reduction tool in photoshop, or a 1 pixel “median” filter.

5 stars regardless, I know Indigo is noisy unless your render >100 hours.

I wish I was standing on that balcony