Butterflies - New Image


this is an image I put together today :slight_smile:

hope you’ll like it.

thanks for stopping by.


i like it… amazing how you got the wings to glow like that…

great texturing.
Mind explaining how u modeled the butterflies??

They’re quite nice, quite natural looking, however i dont see lighting depth to the textures on the wings.

Real butterfly wings give off that illusion of infinite complexity, yet somehow seem simple, its as if the light has been refracted so many times through the wings, broken down, split and reflected in different way that the shimmering effect of a butterflys wings take on a life of their own.

Put that into this image and you’ll have something special, if any of that has made sense to you.

On a more normal crit, i’m not sure the flare in the middle is doing the image any justice.

Nice work overall.

Tragik: thank you, the glow is made with nodes :slight_smile:

trak wrecka: Well they are not extremely detailed because they are going to be animated but here’s a screenshot: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a42/dunderdan/0001-19.jpg

TheANIMAL: Thanks for the crits… will look into that.

Great job with the textures, they bring the image to life ;)! I think that the composition is also really well done!
Good Job!

ethereal would best describe it! gr8 work…post a tut for us earthly creatures

Really nice! I look foward to seeing the animation. I feel that it would look better however, if the buttiflies had their wings in different possitions, and possibly if the light extended out towards the edges further.


Thanks for the kind replies! :slight_smile:

here’s an update:


Now it’s looking really good.

wow very nice image!!..it could be more beautiful in a blissful, colorful flowery environment/scenery…i guess…

Microwave: Thank you :slight_smile:

ecgilboy: Yes I agree with you that it might look more beatiful with a scenery, but I’m going for something simple yet effective beaty that wont need any complex scenary, wanted to make it abit mysterious aswell… :RocknRoll:

Thanks for viewing.

This is very nice
I’m using the original one as my desktop right now, and if you don’t mind i think i’m gonna try to make a Litestep theme for it. I like the pallet.

FoCus, this looks much better!

Squiggly_P: Glad you liked it, and I will be glad if you show me later the litestep theme.

Cuby: Thank you :smiley:

Wow these butterflies are so beautiful, i love the glow.
This will look awesome as an animation.
Great job…5 Stars

free file blend for butterfly
by Ingoenius


the first render is really cool 4 stars :yes:

You made that!?! Wow!!! That’s really good!!!

Hey, nice job on the butterflies.