butterfly animation help

i have rigged my butterfly and want to animate it.
when i move the armature the wings follows but it is too stiff… what is the best way to make the wing look flexible?
is there any good tutorials?
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The wings should follow along the rest of the rig, actually, the wings are dependent on the butterfly’s spine, so they should be stiff by default. To make’em flexible, you can setup other bones and constraints just for that purpose.

just use 3 bones for each wing, make sure that you paint overlapping influences, then its up to you to animate the slight lag between the body, mid and tip bones as you go through the stroke

I tried it with softbody cloth wings, good but fiddly to get the right amout of stiffness to flutter

use bone segments.

hello. i tried with softbody and cloth. i cant figure out how it can work to simulate softer butterflywings. i made a vertexgroup for the wing and assigned cloth and softbody to those. After i move the bone back and forth, the wing is either too responsive or there is no response at all, and the latter with softbody espesially. i have seen some nice butterfly animations on the net. what is the trick to make the wings look like they bend like thin paper in wind…

Could you try with a lattice deformer? Never did a test with this method, but, it could work… Maybe.

well, i have fiddled and tried alot now, so now i decided to try to use b-bone as traa 1703 suggested. bone segments refer to b-bones right? well, the problem is; how do i get the wing to smoothly follow the bending of the bone. do i have to vertexpaint for every bone? i have tried that and it becomes messy. can you explain in further detail. thanks very much for the respones so far…

i just tried with the lattice modifier. that seems to be a good idea. but i cant get the keys to show up in my action editor. any suggestions on that… seems like it is a common problem by the way…

I used the cloth as all my plants had cloth too and a wind effector blowing through the scene. It killed render times and was very hard to manage as you say.

here is a blend file that has what i think you want i used the transformation constraint. you can play around with the settings until you get what you want. you move the outer most bone (that is not attached) and that moves the wing


ButterflyRig.blend (334 KB)

Hi Mr. Chippy. thanks, but when i try to open the file it says i have opened a 250 file and that i will loose all information in the file if i open. so, the file contains nothing… strange…

Very strange indeed i will try to post it again.


ButterflyRig.blend (334 KB)

I don’t think butterfly wings bend. They are kind of on the brittle side.

But it looks cool in slo mo…

it is supposed to look like wind resistance you can make it bend less by changing the influence