Butterfly Effect - short animation

Hi every1, thats my first post on elysiun :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive been using blender since 2,32 version afair, but i was never doing anything serious, just learning basic stuff + static renders… now i wanted to make sth in motion and started working on that project.

ive made www for that project, so i wont write everything here and I will just share link for that site with you:

its my first animation so im not that experienced on that field. thats why id like to hear your comments about it


looks good, but your butterfly’s flight pattern and movement seems unatural. It’s wing movements are a bit to heavy and stiff, try to make them softer.
Appart from that it looks great I like your clouds :smiley:

I agree with the comments above. You should be able to easily find some butterfly movies via Google and Yahoo Videos searches.

Looks great though.

In the second movie, are the walls of the hole modeled that way or is that just a texture.

thx for your comments guys

yeah, ure right, butterfly flapping looks little unnatural, ill change it before final rendering (now i dont want to waste time on my computer cause its almost 15 hours of rendering)

sky in first and last scene was made with 3 moving planes with some alfa and procedural clould texture (in scene with butterfly there are 2 big spheres rotating around)

walls of the hole was textured + subdivided + bumpmapped + some nor.

now im working on tornado effect, im pretty happy with what im getting, ill post some info when ill finish test-render


ok, small update @ project site.

cool, i’d like to see some test renders of your tornado.

hey, finally got some good tornado results

you can download movie from project site.

Now im working on rain/wind effects, i hope ill upload something new soon.

thx for downloading and watchin
i also want to say thx to every that comment this project, because it motivates me to do this better and faster :stuck_out_tongue: