Butterfly jewelry necklace.

Rendered with Cycles.
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/saif1818/8479807204/in/photostream
Still cant upload image, dont know why…

Your necklace looks very nice, saif18! The gold material is quite realistic, and I enjoy the detail in the chain.
Have you tried using another browser when you’re using BlenderArtists? Perhaps you will be able to upload images that way.

Thanks a lot, I am posting here a jewelry piece every day but I don’t get feedback, thanks for your comment really happy to see it.
And yes I tried other browser and it says Failed to upload file, I assume it’s due my internet connection. :slight_smile:

That must be quite frustrating, I wish I had more suggestions for you as to how to succefully upload images. You would surely receive more views if you could have a thumbnail appear next to your threads!