Butterfly Lady

This is my latest “bang my head against the wall until I call it finished” piece. BIG learning experience, first time creating textures in PS and Corel. And lots of things I will do different next time, but it’s time to put this aside and be happy with it being my best yet.
Modeled and rendered in Blender internal via layers, ivy from Ivy Generator, original base human mesh from Make Human, sky PS from a photo,
Post-pro in GIMP.
Original image 2012 x 1736
Larger Image here
Thanks for looking.


looks great, i think the color can use a bit of node or image editor post processing just a bit more

Edit: No it’s not the colors I dont think, it’s the lighting

and yes it looks great!

Good looking,
don’t see much of the character, good hot colors, the Butterfly Lady is in the center! :no:
But I see story.:yes:
thanks for posting.

it was the only way I could balance out the picture, I didn’t like any of the other compositions I tried. I was purposely avoiding showing the face or front of the body.

“node” is a four letter word :wink: and on the original I took your advice and went back and added some soft glow to reduce the contrast and raised the brightness just a touch.

Looking at the picture from my work computer it is showing way too dark, hopefully it is just my monitor here. It looked better at home.

Thanks for looking.

no it is sort of dark, it’s not up to me to call it “too” dark though

but that’s why I mentioned the lighting. Make sure your monitor is properly calibrated, I know mine isn’t