Butterfly Mushroom (Updated with BTS)

Painters Journey No. 5

Gotta get off those skull arts for a bit here… Anyways, I wanted to add onto my new collection! and here it is. Now this painter, whoever he is has the ability to get into the coolest places and in this case he has traveled to a magical forest in search of an awesome scene, and here it is!

Made with a mix of Megascans, my own assets and Ian Huberts Moss assets.

I wanted to add some more behind the scenes so here they are!
So here’s a view from blender on my side

and here is the geo node setup for the moss, I used the same thing for some of the mushrooms aswell but here it how that works

to add on to that, I used a weight paint and made the geo nodes reference that by making a socket for it to use, hence why I have the “Density Factor” as a socket, so I can apply it in my properties view

and here’s a view of my PSD file, alot of it was actually post work, especially the painting look which you can see in this Screenshot with the “Impression” layer of which I used Topaz Studio 2 to make.

and here is the original without all the post work:

anyways, I am super happy to answer any in depth questions and things that I didnt touch on in the comments, so ask away if you would like :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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and as always, have an awesome day/night and stay safe!



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