"butterfly tool" Sori Yanagi

(Joan Savalli) #1

Here is my latest render , hope you enjoy it !

(Rodrigo366) #2

Excellent, very good. The folded towels look very natural.
You rendered with Cycles?

(Joan Savalli) #3

Yes entirely made with blender and cycle ( AO + color managment for ambient lighting )

(NID Graphics) #4

Very impressive! Good work :smiley:

(Joan Savalli) #5

Thank you NID ! your tractor are simply amazing ! i very appreciate a compliment from a great artist like you

(keremetes) #6

Love the way the towels look, so natural and organic in shape. I also like the lightning , looks like a realistic sun light.

(Joan Savalli) #7

thanks keremetes ! I try to make the best lighting !

(Joan Savalli) #8

another render from this room ! i need your suggestion and comment !

(Mir) #9

Really like the gorgeous first render. Nice smooth blend of natural colors and elements

(Joan Savalli) #10

Thanks MIr ! thats encouraging

(GeoffreyMarchal) #11

look awesome! Great job! It look pretty realistic. Actually it become not even easy to find a flaw.

(Ace Dragon) #12

The render itself has numerous similarities to many others on the forum, but the towels are absolutely amazing (seriously, they’re just about perfect).

Though I think you might want to tweak the tonemap (if not through the render settings than through the compositor), just to get rid of some of the burnout).

(Joan Savalli) #13

thank you two guy’s, nero and dragon ! ill be back with a new render “bientot”

(Phantom107) #14

Love the architecture concept here

(Joan Savalli) #15

Thank’s Phantom !