Butterfly Wallpaper

I finally think this one is done.
It’s a free wallpaper for all of you to enjoy! More coming very soon, but if you cant wait, head over to my new site, gzwallpapers.yolasite.com and get some more.’


Very nice! Wonderfully detailed modelling and texturing, there.

Thanks .

This is a very nice piece of artwork :yes: Well done!

You should enter it in your own wallpaper competition :wink:


Haha, naa, i’m in the process of making another wallpaper (check the focused critique section for ‘homework wallpaper’) i might enter that one in just as a non-participating entry… winning my own competition would be quite strange… lol

Have a go sending this to the gallery, i think it has a chance. Great work, how long did it take you and how did you do the wing textures?

You really think its worth the gallery? How would i go about trying to get it in there?

It took roughly a week, thanks to a lot of helpful people in the focused critique section… it started out pretty bad!
The wings are just photo textures.

In the blender artis forum the admin has to choose a pic. But have a go at going to


Its worth having a go. If that only took you a week, you have a lot of talent.

Thanks a lot man, I’ll give it a go

i love the colours :wink:

Awesome, love the gold ore looking rocks. Just one crit, the sand is too clearly a plane. If you look at rocks in sand, the sand will ride up the edges of the rocks a bit. Do that and it will look at lot more real.