here :slight_smile:

This picture is on czech weekend chalenge on theme Butterfly.

The butterfly looks great, the material looks like it’s a straight photo applied, which is awesome!! Perhaps a little bit more nor mapping though, but overall I think the butterfly is fine.

I’m mad to butterflies. My small album.

Wow, very nice.



A few suggestions…I feel the body of the butterfly isnt detailed enough. I just see a dark shape. Maybe detail is a bit more?

The leaves are great but maybe change the wood texture which looks a bit too plastic in my opinion

Again, Awesome work!

pretty good, I agree that some nor mapping would make the wings look mroe real though

An idea- butterflies have thin wings so that light can shine through them (right?) try to make the wings slightly of tranparent in places, or just emit more? duno but i tihnk that would look nice-

cool work,i think i like the blue one the best :slight_smile:

I agree all the other crits above. The wings are great! Now focus more on the body and the legs (a little too simplified IMHO).

Good job.

Add a bit of fuzz to the body.

Very nice butterflies. :slight_smile:

[sarcasm]o, haha, cut it out with the real photo’s…[/sarcasm]
realy nice!!!

model is very easy but with the textures it look very nice,
I like it

Thanks. for me is first scene o.k. for contest, but I too look it some mistakes…

I tested too grasshopper. :slight_smile:


damn that looks nearly real- good job man