button play 2 animations at once

okay i have a problem with game logic editor
i am trying to make a player flip the torch in order to open a door at a different location
while the animation of the torch works(the button which activates the door), i cannot find a way to open make the keyboard play 2 animations (animation of button and motion animation of the door)
things i tried:
linked both animation to the (and controller)
made 2 controllers that link to the keyboard
changed priority

here is a picture of how it works for now without the second animation

do ctrl, select the button and door at ththe same time,
add a action to the door,

you can connect logic across two items,

thanks you it works
problem is i can only connect the second action with the torch controller and not with the torch action which makes me able to open the door from clicking on it too.
i need somehow to to make it so i can only open the door with the switch