button to control layer visibility

(DanLane) #1


I might need to add some sort of custom button that once pressed will control what layers are on/visible or off/hidden in Blender.
Is this something that can be done in Blender?

My question is more to ask if this is possible rather than how would I do it. I just want to check before I waste time researching it!

But if anyone has relevant links to tutorials or info on this then that would be great too :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading

(wilnix) #2


Take a look at this addon. ab_animate_render_layers.py

With this you can animate what layer that is used and you can animte it.


(DanLane) #3

Thanks for the reply and thanks for the script links :smiley: Though I think these scripts are related to render layers rather than manipulating the scene layers.

Sorry I should have been more clear, I’m wondering if it’s possible to script a button that can alter which scene layers are visible?


(AFWS) #4

You can already select what layers are visible.

(Netrieb) #5

An addon Stored View provides such a button. You might want to know the addon will be shipped with next stable Blender (2.79 release).


(DanLane) #6

Thanks I’ll check it out.