After two weeks of arduous and persistent editing, I finally called one of my animation tests titled “Button” done. There were so many things I wish I had done differently and better, but correcting them would probably take another two weeks again of grueling efforts. However, the learning process was incomparable. So here it is, Button. :slight_smile:



Neat. Good work with the ball’s personality. The only thing that bugged me was the camera move where the lowest button cuts off the bottom of the screen for a moment. Didn’t see the point, and it detracted. Nice look and feel overall.

Thanks for a good laugh. Well done.

Thanks so much, Roland. ^^ I was a bit bugged with that idea too, since moving the camera slightly above off by about half a second from the high jump pose didn’t make much sense (after watching it for a few times). I guess next time, I’ll change the priority with which I work. Thanks, harkyman! ^^


Wow, thanks! That means a lot to me. :slight_smile: