Buttons for my Mobile

I trying to model my Motorola V 300 phone and i can’t work out how to get the buttons. I tried to model but it i’m finding it difficult. Is there another way. BTW this is what i have done so far


if you fake it right you don’t need to actually build the recessces for the buttons

particularly if you make in photoshop a bump map for the recessces, and either model the buttons on top of the other mesh slightly or create a texture with them

[probably you will need to create several textures, bump, spec [raymir], color…]



Thanks Fligh%, thanks alot :smiley:

Here is the story so far

http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/seevisions/v300x.jpg http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/seevisions/v300y.jpg

I now want to do the navigational and surrounding buttons. For the navigational button, I will us spin dub but the surrounding buttons are what i can’t work out. Particularly the groove between the navi button and the buttons. z3rod suggested i fake it with bump maps, but the sorry fact is i don’t know how to go about that in gimp :frowning:

Below is a reference image to help any who wants to help:


I have seen another’s work in the blender galleries http://www.blender3d.com/cms/May_2004.339.0.html . Educate me pls.