buttons hanging from a cloth?

Does anyone know how to make a cloth softbody be a parent to a button hanging from it? I’d like there to be a vertex on the cloth that serves as the hook for the button object (seperate and non-softbody) to hang. If someone can help in this regard I will be most thankful!

You can parent an object to vertices. Select the object, then shift select the mesh, tab into edit mode and select 1 or 3 vertices. 3 if you want the surface orientation, which in this case you likely do. Then ctrl+p.

If you need more control, you can also add a copy location and copy rotation constraints to the button. Then, define vertex group to which you want the button to stick to in the cloth. In the constraints you can specify the vertex group to be used.

This works with Blender 2.49, cause 2.48 had some problems with the subsurf modifier and the vertex groups in the constraints.