BUWM update...

BUWM is approaching its not too late to sign up: (July 26th-28th)

Most of the stuff I’m guessing will be on the 27th however if
there are people coming from out of town we can meet on the 26th to
do stuff. Also I’m leaving it open ended so if people want to continue
on the 28th that will be fine.

What is on the agenda?

I’ll open the lab at 0900 on the 27th so people can login read email
customize blender, etc.
Everyone will be given a temporary account on the machines in the lab.
They are dual boot Linux/Windows2000 machines which are pretty dang nice,
they are nicer than what I personally have at home.

Live Internet Chat with the Creator of Blender Ton Roosendaal

Browse my Extensive Blender/Computer Graphics Library:
Blender Tutor Guide 1 & 2
Blender 1.5 Manual
The Official Blender 2.0 guide
Inside 3d Studio Max 2 (Vol 1)
Texturing and Modeling a Procedural Approach
Graphics Gems
Computer Graphics Principles and Practice
(Foley, VanDam, Feiner, Hughes)
Practical Programming in Tcl and TK
Various X11 O’Reilly books
Learning Python (O’Reilly Book)

That night we’ll have a blender Competition where the winner will
receive one of the New Tee-shirts from Elysiun or a gift certificate from
me for one. Topic to be determined in the lab…

Tour of where I work at the University of Minnesota.
(If people are interested)

I’m willing to give if people want to listen:
Intro to blender basics:
basic object creation/editing.
rendering an anim.
Intro to Sequence and Texture programming:
What is the sequencer and texture plug-ins strengths and
How do I write a basic sequence plug-in.
How do I write a basic texture plug-in.
What Plugins are I currently working on?

    Give a talk/code walk-through on the new plugin system I'm working
            on in c for a open sourced version of blender,
            and or some other program.

    Give a talk/code walk-through of designing a game with SDL that uses
            graphics created with blender.

    Adrian Virnig has volunteered to do a talk on Distributed Rendering.

    What I'd also like to see and or could do research on, or we could
    all just work on these projects during it.
            Free/cheap options for adding audio to an
                    animation.  (Walk us through it)
            Interfacing a real-time device with blender.
            Basics of writing an import/export plugin for blender.

Note: Talks on alternate programs are also encouraged, let me know if you
have something you want to present.

If your interested in attending drop me a note… [email protected]
for updates and more info:


Kent (Aka SirDude)

whoa! sounds great! i wish i had a car to get there =(((( but i have to wait for the electric type to come out =) hey! almost there! theres that gas/electric car, hybrid!! wooo ::excited::

I really don’t know much about this, is any1 is allowed to go etc, but if so, man i wish i had a plane to fly over there, sounds great. oh well im’ doing an exchange to the USA next year, so i may be able to get to the next one.

I hate being 12! I haven’t asked my parents, but they’d NEVER let me go to wherever it’s being held, even if it was in my hometown!

you´ll much to soon hate to be twenty, then you´ll hate not to be twenty anymore :smiley:

Hey, I´d like to come, too. Can someone lend me his learjet?


Actually imgrandpaboy, the modern efficicient gas engines are much more economical, and probably environmentally friendly in the end. My little Echo was getting 39 miles per gallon with city/freeway combined, with regular gas. For the hybrid, you get maybe 10-15 more miles per gallon, but you must replace the batteries every few years, which is quite a cost in it’s own (a few $K). The all electric vehicles require special charging stations. The electric 4-Runner uses a special stations at 220-volts. You get about 128 miles per charge, and the charge is at cheapest $1.40 (nightly power rates).

So from the big picture, even though gas dosn’t sound evironmentally friendly right now, there is a whole lot less mess in the processes that you don’t see that are behind the scenes. It takes quite a few chemicals and stuff to create those hybrid and electric cars, with all the batteries and electronics and all.

well, just my 2 cents, I know it’s totally off topic

Yes haunt_house, being 20 does suck, especially here in the USA. At 20, you are old enough to move, and work, but not old enough to legally drink. You can sign contracts and be bound to them, but can’t hardly get any credit. Then with no credit history, you can’t do anything with out a co-signer, etc… etc… etc…

At 18 your real life begins… but the world seems to try and hold you back

I wish I could go, but I hvae to go to a family reunion :frowning: .


Hi acasto

you´ll be 21 very soon.

At least you are not twenty in a country, where starvation rules. There are many problems that make us forget, that our lifes actually have many oportunities.


Thanks for the reassurance haunt_house, I know we have it sooo much better than some people out there. Sometimes once the internal perspective of ones situation starts to get to them, it is best to look from the external perspective and realize the good things there are.


just between the two of us…

Of course I am fully able to feel miserable despite all the luxury. I often wish I could just turn off my feelings (at least occasionally) and decide by pure logic. Feelings normally get in my way rather than supporting me.

not some people

most people, i´m afraid