Buy 3d art + animations?

How do I buy 3d (and 2d) art made with Blender?

The finished project forum is not the place to post that…If u want more people to tend to you post in the off-topic forum…

spam, spam, spam

I’m a programmer and not much of an artist. This is my 2nd post so I don’t know where to place it and where to look for possible art that I could use and buy. I went to:
But did not see any blender files there. Why are people rude and unhelpfull to me on this forum?

My advice is to do some research before posting. If you want any serious low-poly modeling I would have started by searching for low-poly modeling threads in finished projects or from the contest section. Then I would contact those who I believe have talent and explain in detail why I want them to be a part of my programming project and what they will gain in return.

It is generally not very good to post a 3 liner and expect that ppl will devote part of their spare-time for a project they have no clue about. And your post is very similar to the very “spam” we get in these forums.

If you are truly serious, come back and explain in detail about your project.


Who was rude???the off topic is here:

We’re being rude because you posted in the wrong forum… This is FINISHED PROJECTS. Why would you ask about buying stuff here?? And turbosquid does have blender files. Just do a search for .blend. Use your head.

GameMaker, we have just been getting a lot of spam kinda like this. which is why people are reacting like that.